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Active Participation in CODATA Task Groups

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CODATA-China members have long been engaged in different Task Groups activities. This page provides an overview of the CODATA Task Groups with which committee members are connected.

Task Group Chinese Member
Long term Archiving and Sharing of huge natural Disaster related scientific Data (LASDD) (2012-) Prof. Li Guoqing (co-chair)
Advancing Informatics for Microbiology (2012-) Prof. Ma Juncai (co-chair)
Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries (2002-2012) Prof. Gu Xingfa (co-chair)

Prof. Liu Chuang (previous co-chair)
Dr. Fu Xiaofeng

Data Sources in Asian-Oceanic Countries (DSAO) (2006-2008) Prof. Yan Baoping (chair)
Comprehensive Information System on Natural Disaster Mitigation (2004-2006) Prof. Wang Angsheng (co-chair)
Data at Risk Task Group (DARTG) Prof. Cui Chenzhou, National Astronomical Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Data Citation Standards and Practices Task Group Prof. Li Jianhui, Scientific Data Center, Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Earth and Space Science Data Interoperability Prof. Liu Chuang, Institute of Geography and Resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Cui Chenzhou

Exchangeable Materials Data Representation to support Scientific Research and Education Prof. Hu Changjun, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Prof. Zhang Xiaoming,
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Prof. Dong Chaofang,
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Prof. Fu Dongmei,
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Fundamental Physical Constants Prof. Zhang Zhonghua, Electricity and Quantum Division, National Institute of Metrology
Global Roads Data Development Prof. Wang Jinnian, Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (IRSA), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)
International Polar Year Data Policy and Management Subcommittee Prof. Li Xin
Prof. Zhu Jiangang

In the 2011 annual meeting of CODATA-China, five working groups were elected.  The five working groups are: Data-intensive Scientific Research and Data Science; Data Long-term Storage and Utilization; Bio-Medical Data Ontology Research; Microbial Resources Sharing; and Long term Archiving and Sharing of Huge Natural Disaster Related Scientific Data.  In order to support and advance the task group, CODATA-China sponsored several meetings of the following activities of working groups:

  1. WDCM Asia International Workshop on Data Management and Application of Microbe Data Resource (7-8 June 2012, Beijing)
  2.  APN – CODATA Joint Workshop on Open Access to Global Change Data and Information in Asia-Pacific Region (23-31 May 2012, Xining/Qinghai – Lhasa.) 

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