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The 507th Session of Xiangshan Science Conferences (XSSC) – Frontiers of Scientific Big Data

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The 507th Session of Xiangshan Science Conferences(XSSC) – Frontiers of Scientific Big Data

The exponential growth of digital data ushers in an unprecedented “big data” era for different fields and steps of scientific research. The research level of a country is increasingly determined by its data advantages and its capacity to translate data into information and knowledge. This imposes challenges to different aspects of scientific enterprise, including policy and mechanism of scientific data sharing, technology and infrastructure to manage and leverage huge amount of data, and young data scientist training. At the same time, it also offers important opportunities for scientific research. Big data has become a new strategic resource for science development and a major driving force for innovation. As such, it is necessary to bring together outstanding and prestigious experts and scholars in the field of big data to have an in-depth discussion on frontier issues of science big data, so as to deal with this tremendous change, capitalize on the opportunities created by big data, promote the rapid development and application of data science, explore incentive mechanism and policy of data sharing, develop a set of strategies, practice and scientific methods to deal with big data, formulate the methodology to gauge the value and impact of data, and train versatile professionals.

The 507th Session of XSSC convened in Beijing from October 22 to 24 with the objectives of: understanding the trends of scientific big data, making clear the consensus problems of scientific big data frontiers and non-consensus problems significant for the growth of individual fields, making analysis of China’s development in this regard, reaching consensus on the future developing directions of scientific big data and data science, offering recommendations for policy-makers to formulate policies concerning scientific big data in China, upgrading China’s capacity in scientific big data, and serving its innovation.

Under the theme of Frontiers of Scientific Big Data, experts and scholars from different fields were invited to have in-depth discussions focusing on the following topics: (1) big-data-oriented research Infrastructure; (2) new modes of S&T innovation in the era of big data; (3) mechanism behind scientific data sharing and its new trends; (4) academic development of scientific big data and human resource development.

Executive Co-chairs:

  • TAN Tieniu, research professor, CAS
  • GUO Huadong, research professor, the CAS Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth
  • ZHANG Xian’en, research professor, the CAS Institute of Biophysics
  • HUANG Xiangyang research professor, the CAS Computer Network Information Center

Key-note Review Reports:

  1. Scientific Big Data for Knowledge Discovery (GUO Huadong)
  2. New Trends of S&T Innovation in the Era of Big Data (ZHANG Xian’en)

Reports on Central Topics:

  1. Big-data-oriented research Infrastructure (HUANG Xiangyang)
  2. Theories and Practice of Knowledge Discovery Using Big Data (WANG Lizhe)
  3. New Mechanisms and Trends of Scientific Data Sharing (LI Jianhui)
  4. Connotation and Extension of Data Science (GUO Yike)