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Work with the EDI Team at Technical University of Munich – Research Fellows in Data Studies and Ethical Data Work – Two positions available

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The Ethical Data Initiative at the Technical University of Munich is seeking two highly motivated postdoctoral researchers who share a deep interest in exploring educational, social, and governance issues that arise when working with data.

The positions, under the Chair of Professor Sabina Leonelli, provide a unique chance to work as part of an interdisciplinary team with world-leading expertise in data policy, philosophy, history, social and communications aspects of data and AI ethics and governance. You’ll become a core contributor to the Ethical Data Initiative, a global coordinating hub for research on data ethics, education, and policy activities, committed to fostering ethical and responsible data practices.

Based at the Technical University of Munich, the posts offer an exciting opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research, education, and outreach in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, and internationally networked environment. You’ll be tackling some of the hardest problems in the field of science studies and governance of innovative technologies with a commitment to the public good. We also offer the possibility to delve into one of the most promising emerging technologies and its (future) applications as well as the opportunity to build your own research agenda around relevant topics.

Details at

Find out more about the posts and candidate profiles (as well as how to apply) at

We look forward to receiving your informative documents until 1st of April 2024 (cover letter, CV and references, summarized in a single PDF file). We will review applications on a continuous basis thus should be submitted as early as possible via e-mail to:

Please email for any information on these posts.