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Why should I attend International Data Week 2022?

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The organising committee of International Data Week organised an informational webinar entitled “Why Attend International Data Week 2022?” The webinar highlighted a variety of topics on why individuals should attend IDW, the importance of data in the world’s next industrial revolution, and everything the host city, Seoul, has to offer to attendees. The webinar was hosted by Prof. Wonsik “Jeff” Shim with the Department of Library and Information Science/Data Science at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea. Prof. Shim introduced his own contributions to data and open science and will discuss why International Data Week is essential for any data practitioner in their efforts to further open science and FAIR data.  Representatives from the convening international organisations (CODATA, RDA and WDS) then introduced the conference themes, the plenary sessions and the component parts (SciDataCon and the RDA Plenary) as well as providing practical information on registration, travel to Seoul and local highlights, as well as online participation for those attending remotely.

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