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Webinar 16 Sept: African Universities in Post COVID-19: assessing the opportunities and challenges of online learning

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On 16 September at 11:00 UTC / 14:00 Nairobi, Joseph Muliaro Wafula, member of the CODATA Executive Committee will participate in a webinar on assessing the opportunities and challenges of online learning for African Universities in the post COVID world.


This webinar will focus on the following discussion points;

  1. Opportunities and challenges of learning on-line
  2. Value for money: Should universities charge same amount of fees for on-line courses? The issue of missing services to students
  3. Choosing the platform for implementing on-line learning: technical consideration
  4. Quality of on-line courses and other factors for integrating on-line learning
  5. Needed Policy support framework for widening use of ICTs to support the delivery of services and address education divide

Download the flyer