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The Units Summit @ SciDataCon 2022

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The DRUM TG, in collaboration with the CIPM SI Digital Framework TG and the BIPM are please to announce the upcoming “Units Summit” @ SciDataCon and BIPM, June 20th – 23rd, to coincide with meetings at BIPM and with SciDataCon 2022 (one of the two conferences comprising International Data Week) 20-23 June.  The idea behind the summit is to make the community aware of the international efforts currently underway around creating a digital unit of measurement ecosystem to enable FAIR units and thus FAIR data.

The ‘Units Summit’ will start with two sessions at SciDataCon:

To attend these sessions in the “Units Summit” please register for International Data Week.  Sessions will be recorded (but not available publicly for two months after the meeting), so if one of these sessions does not fit your time zone you may ‘attend’ at your convenience.

Next, the DRUM TG and BIPM will hold a “Units Summit Recap Meeting” on 21 June at 13:00–15:00 UTC in order to brief colleagues on the SciDataCon sessions and discuss the implications with colleagues from BIPM and the metrology community. To attend the “Units Summit Recap Meeting” please register here.

Finally, on 22 June, 07:00–08:30 UTC, BIPM will host a webinar, Developments Towards Interoperable Metrology, organised by Dr. Martin Milton, Director of the BIPM, and Dr. Susanne Picard, Coordinator of the KCDB. Register here!

If you have any feedback or comments about this session please let us know.