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Tracking the impact of the CODATA/RDA data science schools: the case of the OSG

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The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Schools provide Early Career Researchers with the opportunity to meet their colleagues and learn relevant Data Science skills. We actively encourage students to use their learning as an opportunity to create new collaborations and generate new research.

One spectacularly successful example of this is Oscar Arbelaez Echeverry from Colombia who, through links made at the schools, enabled approximately 1.2 million CPU hours [this is akin to having access to a 1600 core cluster for a month] to be run on Monte Carlo simulations. As a result of accessing the Open Science Grid resource, six publications [1-7] have been generated by his supervisor, in the best journals in the field and for wider audiences. By providing Oscar with the relevant skills, he has been instrumental to advancing research in his home institution.

Read the full blog here.

Deadline for Applications for the 2019 Foundation School and Advanced Workshops is approaching: 18 April 2019