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TOMORROW! WorldFAIR Webinar: Social Surveys Data and Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Platforms

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The second in the WorldFAIR webinar series features discussions of social survey data and of cultural heritage images sharing platforms.

14 June 2023, 08:00 – 09:00 UTC, Register Here!

Steve McEachern, Director of the Australian Data Archive and CODATA Officer, will talk about opportunities for international alignment, harmonisation and implementation of FAIR for data from major social surveys in Europe and Australia.  Steve will discuss the findings of the WorldFAIR case study on FAIR implementation for Cross-national Social Sciences Survey data (D6.1), the findings of the FAIR Implementation Profile exercises and the recommendations made for European Social Survey and Australian Social Survey Data.

Beth Knazook, Digital Repository of Ireland, will talk about the findings and recommendations for cultural heritage image sharing platforms around the world.  Beth will present the findings of the WorldFAIR ‘Cultural Heritage Mapping Report’ (D13.1) and the recommendations made for ‘Cultural Heritage Image Sharing’ (D13.2).

More information and registration here!