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The Digital Unit Representation Inventory

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The following is a curated list of digital projects focused on the digital representation of units of measurement.  Entries are listed in alphabetical order. If a project on units is not listed here please contact with the information presented below so it can be added.

  • Astropy, Python (Library), Units for Astronomy. (GitHub), License: BSD-3-Clause (last activity 11/27/23)
  • Ayurvedic units converter, Python, Flask (Library), Converting ancient units. (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 07/11/05)
  • Boost Units, C++ (Library), Units for C++ (GitHub), License: Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (last activity 06/09/21)
  • Caliper, Java (Library), Units for Java (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 12/31/23)
  • CaliperSharp, C++ (Library), Units for C++ (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 03/18/23)
  • Climate and Forecast Units, Python (Library), Wrapper for UDUNITS-2 (Climate/Forecast) (GitHub), License: LGPL-3.0 License (last activity 04/17/23)
  • Craft-Units, PHP (Library), Units plugin for the Craft CMS (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 04/24/23)
  • Crate- uom, Rust (Library), Rust crate that does automatic dimensional analysis., License: MIT License (last activity 07/10/23)
  • Eclipse UOMO, Java, Eclipse (Library), Software units via the Java API (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 07/15/21)
  • ERDAP UDUNITS/UCUM converter, REST (Website), UDUnits to UCUM Converter (GitHub), License: NA (last activity ???)
  • Fhir.Metrics, .NET (Library), UCUM implementation for FHIR (GitHub), License: BSD-3-Clause License (last activity 05/11/23)
  • FIBO, RDF (Database), Ontology for Quantities and Units, License: MIT License (last activity 10/31/23)
  • GNU Units, C++ (OS), GNU operating system units, License: GNU General Public License (last activity 05/29/16)
  • Gu.Units., C# (Library), Units for C# (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 01/29/24)
  • IDMP, OWL (Ontology), Ontology for identification of medical products. (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 01/04/24)
  • IVOA, Text (Encoding), The International Virtual Observatory Alliance Units 1.0 (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 05/25/22)
  • Kornucopia® ML™, MatLAB (Software), Computation within MatLAB, License: Paid license (software) (last activity ???)
  • LHC UCUM Library, JavaScript (Library), JavaScript library for validation/conversion of UCUM. (GitHub), License: NIH License (last activity 07/12/23)
  • LLNL, C++ (Library), A run-time C++ library for working with units (GitHub), License: BSD-3-Clause (last activity 01/00/00)
  • Mathematica, HTML (Website), How to use units in Wolfram, License: NA (last activity NA)
  • mathjs, JavaScript (Library), MathJs package for JavaScript and NodeJS (GitHub), License: Apache-2.0 (last activity 01/19/24)
  • Measurement Units for R, R (Library), Units for the R language (GitHub), License: GPL-2 (last activity 01/15/24)
  • NERC Vocabulary for Units, RDF (Dataset), Controlled vocab of units for the oceanography community., License: NA (last activity 12/10/23)
  • OM, RDF (Dataset), Units of measurement ontology (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 12/28/23)
  • PHP Units of Measure, PHP (Library), PHP library for units of measurement (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 12/27/22)
  • PINT, Python (Library), Units of measurement for Python (GitHub), License: Special license (last activity 01/03/24)
  • PixelMed™ Java UCUM Toolkit, Java (Library), UCUM parser/converter/validator, License: Restrictive? (last activity 10/29/18)
  • PYUCUM, Python (Library), Python wrapper for creating UCUM units (GitHub), License: ? (last activity 06/18/20)
  • QuantityTypes for .NET, .NET (Library), Typed physical quantities for .NET (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 06/26/23)
  • QUDT, RDF (Vocabulary), Ontology for units, quantitykinds, and dimensions (GitHub), License: CC 4.0 Open (last activity 01/19/24)
  • QUDV, RDF (Dataset), Library of units, quantities, dimensions and values (PDF), License: NA (last activity 07/01/05)
  • Ruby Units, Ruby (Library), Units of measurement for Ruby (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 11/02/23)
  • Safe Units, Typescript (Library), Type-safe TypeScript units of measurement (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 01/31/20)
  • SI, PDF (Text), Definition of the SI unit system, License: Open license (last activity 05/20/19)
  • siunitx, LaTeX (Formatting), Latex formatting of SI units (GitHub), License: LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c (last activity 01/19/24)
  • SmartCom Project, XML (Vocabulary), Unit encoding, License: NA (last activity 05/18/20)
  • Squants, Scala (Library), Scala API for quantities, units and dimensions. (GitHub), License: Apache-2.0 License (last activity 01/08/24)
  • SWEET, RDF (Database), Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) Ontologies containing units (GitHub), License: CC 1.0 (last activity 08/16/23)
  • UCUM (Orginal Site), XML (Dataset), Replaced by the NIH site, License: (last activity 11/21/17)
  • UCUM Transformation Webservices, Java, REST (API), UCUM unit conversion service, License: NA (last activity 10/11/16)
  • UDUNITS, XML (Library), Units for the atmospheric community, License: UCAR license (last activity 12/28/20)
  • UNECE/CEFACT, Excel (Dataset), Units for international trade (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 06/15/23)
  • Unit Ontology, RDF (Dataset), Units of measurement ontology (GitHub), License: CC-BY-4.0 License (last activity 08/09/23)
  • Units, C++ (Library), Unit conversion library for C++ (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 10/07/22)
  • Units of Measurement API, Java (Library), Java API for Units and Quantities (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 11/13/23)
  • UnitsML, XML (Encoding), Units of measurement for XML (GitHub), License: NA (last activity 08/10/23)
  • UnitsNet, .NET (Library), Quantities and units for .NET (GitHub), License: Open license (last activity 01/02/24)
  • Unitwise, Ruby (Library), Quantities and units for Ruby (GitHub), License: MIT License (last activity 10/24/22)
  • Unity, C, Java (Library), Code in support of the IVOA units, License: BSD licence (last activity 04/10/22)
  • US NIH UCUM API, REST (API), UCUM unit conversion service, License: NIH License (last activity 09/18/23)
  • W3C Library of Quantity Kinds, RDF (Dataset), Legacy Library of units, quantities, dimensions and values, License: NA (last activity 07/01/05)
  • Wolfram Alpha, HTML (Website), Example units and measures in Wolfram Alpha., License: NA (last activity NA)
  • World Meterological Office Unit Codes, RDF (Dataset), Units code registry for meteorology, License: NA (last activity NA)