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Summer School On Urban Data Science

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In today’s world we have data all around us. With the progress in technology, a large amount of data is collected on a daily basis using different technology. Today’s urban world has ample of data which would be explored, for identifying trends by studying available open data sets. Research is primarily the use of available data to make informed decisions via proper data management skills. The ability to analyze data is a very powerful skill and well sort of in many data-driven organizations. Why data is available everywhere and seem to grow at an exponential rate, not many have learned to utilize its potential. 

Data analysis skills are highly sought after skills and this summer school will provide the practical experience you need to get started. It begins with setting a study objective, planning your questionnaire design and entry, thus bearing in mind the type of data you want to capture, whether continuous, discrete, ordinal or nominal data and the different stages of statistical analysis that you want to conduct in other to produce your results. This process has become an integral part of both academic and development work, and also a vital part of the decision making in different sectors today. Knowledge of research methodologies and implementation of statistical application software to support data analysis is one of the vital goals of this course. Statistical software packages have become very useful for the purpose of data management and cleaning, statistical analysis, and data graphical representation. When mastered, these applications are user-friendly and also could reduce the time and efforts of the researcher and the student. Expense for students: Material cost: Rs. 500/- and local travel: Rs. 1000/-.

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