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Research Data Netherlands Joins CODATA

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At the CODATA General Assembly in New Delhi, Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) was welcomed as a new National Member of CODATA.

See the news story on the RDNL website:

CODATA focuses on improving the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of scientific research data and together its members represent all continents. Since other data organizations often operate at European level, the membership of CODATA is a great opportunity for RDNL to broaden its horizon. The fact that the back offices of 3TU.Datacentrum, DANS and SURFsara speak with one voice through Research Data Netherlands as a national partner is in turn appealing for international partnerships such as CODATA. Research Data Netherlands therefore looks forward to a fruitful cooperation within CODATA.

CODATA looks forward to collaboration with RDNL in a number of areas, including data policy issues and strategies for sustaining data infrastructures as well as exploring international dimensions of data issues, particularly associated with collaborative and interdisciplnary research.