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Report – SEMAF: A Proposal for a Flexible Semantic Mapping Framework

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The EOSC funded project SEMAF produced its final report on a flexible semantic mapping framework which may offer an alternative way to enable semantic cross-walks when integrating data from different sources. The suggested approach is pragmatic and should support researchers who are driven by concrete data challenges and goals. This project was started as a GEDE inspired collaboration with several participants from some ESFRIS and was led by Daan Broder (CLARIN Research Infrastructure). The final SEMAF report V1.0 was published on Zenodo:

This report presents a study for a flexible framework to create, document and publish semantic mappings and cross-walks linking different semantic artefacts within a particular scientific community and across scientific domains. These mappings and cross-walks should be FAIR, as proposed in the FAIR Semantics recommendations. The study draws on the broad expertise of the authors and 25 interviews conducted with community experts. A description for a proposed follow-up implementation project is part of the report.