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Registration for International Data Week 2022 – Early Bird Fees Extended

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International Data Week 2022, hosted by the Republic of Korea, and running from 20-23 June 2022, is still accepting registrations for both in-person and virtual attendances. See the conference programme.

Those wishing to attend SciDataCon 2022 and/or the RDA 19th Plenary should create an account on Once an account has been created, you can continue to register to attend in-person or virtually. If you have previously registered to attend virtually, but now would like to attend in person, you can still upgrade that initial registration by logging in to your previously created account at

Please note that early bird fees for on-site attendance have now been extended until 10th June. Additionally, virtual early bird fees will now also remain valid up until registration closure on 22nd June. Requests for cancellation will need to be made no later than 7 days prior to the conference to receive a full refund. Cancellations must be submitted in writing and sent via email to

Travel restrictions were recently modified by the Korean Government and now allow fully vaccinated attendees to visit with no mandatory quarantine period. Quarantine exemption will be available for those who have completed their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or received two doses (one dose for Janssen) at least 14 days prior but within 180 days.

Overseas visitors must enter their vaccine records to Q-CODE prior to arriving in Korea and scan the provided QR code upon immigration. Q-CODE will require personal information (passport number), entry information (departure country, airline, address in Korea, phone number), and vaccine records.

Q-CODE website:

For more information on travel restrictions and visa requirements, please visit:

To complete registration for IDW, please visit