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Register now: Webinar on FAIR services & infrastructure: Proposing an assessment framework for FAIR-enabling data services

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Date: 29 January 2021 – 14:00 GMT

To realise the full potential of a FAIR ecosystem in which research outputs can be easily shared and optimally reused, we have to look beyond the FAIRification of data and other digital objects and consider the infrastructure and services that act on those objects.

To help providers ensure their data services are ‘FAIR enabling’, FAIRsFAIR is developing a FAIR assessment framework for service owners. The framework can be used to gauge where change is needed, and provides actionable recommendations for incremental improvements.

In this webinar we will present a first version of this assessment framework, as recently published on Zenodo (

Register here:


Hylke Koers – SURF

Dr Hylke Koers heads up the SURF Data Management Services group, which develops and operates services to help research institutes manage their research data in a robust, safe, easy and cost-effective way. Hylke joined SURF in 2018, prior to which he was a Product Director at Elsevier, working on innovations to the scholarly article such as interactive plots and the Virtual Microscope. He co-founded the ICSU-WDS/RDA Working Group that created the Scholix framework, an emerging industry standard for linking research data and  literature. He currently leads FAIRsFAIR task 2.4 on ‘FAIRness’ of data services & software, and contributes to the EOSC architecture WG and EOSC-hub WP12. Hylke holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam.


Patricia Herterich – University of Edinburgh

Patricia joined the DCC as a Research Data Specialist in September 2019. She manages the DMPonline service and contributes to FAIRsFAIR work on among others the FAIRness of data services and software and FAIR Certification. Before moving to the UK, she has worked as a data librarian at CERN’s Scientific Information Service working closely with software developers to deliver data and code sharing solutions. In 2016, she joined the University of Birmingham as Research Repository Advisor, providing training and advice on research data management and managing the University’s institutional repositories. Patricia is a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow 2019 and an Open Life Science programme mentor for cohorts 1 and 2.