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Register Now: FAIRsFAIR 2021 Public Workshop

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In the week of 7 to 15 April FAIRsFAIR will be offering project insiders and external stakeholders alike the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in all things related to a FAIR Data management in the EOSC framework.  FAIRsFAIR is one of the Horizon 2020 projects for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Its goal is to supply practical solutions for the use of the FAIR data principles throughout the research data life cycle and to foster FAIR data culture and the uptake of good practices in making data FAIR. In the coming weeks and months, efforts to broaden and deepen the impact of the projects solutions and recommendations both within and beyond established networks and beyond Europe will be considerably intensified.

The highlight of the week will be the public event on 13 April when we will showcase our key stakeholder and community outputs and solutions for FAIR uptake. Another public event of interest is the FAIR Repository Support Programme taking place in Friday 15th and showcasing the work done with a series of selected repositories towards their path to the CoreTrustSeal certification.

The registration for the event is open !