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TOMORROW! Practical Approaches to FAIR Data Integration: SPSS/Stata – to – CDIF Tool Demonstration: WorldFAIR Webinar, Thu 27 June, 15:00 CEST / 13:00 UTC

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When: Thu 27 June, 15:00-16:30 CEST / 13:00-14:30 UTC


WorldFAIR has identified a core set of metadata for performing core FAIR functions in cross-domian and cross-infrastrcture scenarios – the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF). Among these core functions is the ability to integrate data, a metadata-intensive task which can be supported through automation, but which requires detailed descriptions of the input data sets. Generating such metadata can be a challenge, but does not need to be difficult if the right tools are employed.

This webinar describes the role of core data description in CDIF, and demonstrates a tool developed as part of the Social Surveys Case Study for providing detailed metadata accoridng to the CDIF profiles. This tool transforms SPSS and Stata files into the required formats for cross-domain data-sharing, using the DDI-CDI standard.

The webinar is aimed at implementers of FAIR frameworks such as CDIF, illustrating how tools can leverage existing metadata in formats currently used to provide the more open expressions of metadata needed to make data sets “integration ready.” Arofan Gregory (CODATA) will introduce WorldFAIR and the CDIF profiles, and Benjamin Beuster (Sikt) will present the tools and give a demonstration of how it works. If you are interestied in understanding the practical requirements of FAIR data integration, this webinar can help show the challenges and how they can be met in practical terms.

Duration: 90 minutes

– Introduction to WorldFAIR/CDIF: 20 minutes
– Tools presentation and demo: 45 minutes
– Q&A: 25 minutes