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Open Call for co-chairs CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science

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The CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science (SoRDS) is seeking candidates for a co-chair position.  Deadline to apply: Nov 30th, 2023.

Please submit your application here.

Co-chairs play a central role in managing SoRDS operations (visit for more information). They collaborate with other co-chairs to oversee training events, secure funding, invite and support instructors and assistants, raise SoRDS’ visibility, shape strategic direction, and develop the curriculum.
The responsibilities associated with the position are the following:

  • Meetings: Co-chairs meet on a regular basis. They have a monthly meeting on strategy and a monthly meeting on operational logistics. Co-chairs are expected to get to the majority of these meetings and contribute to them. Chairing of the sessions is done on a rolling basis.
  • Training events: co-chairs will take part in the rollout of SoRDS training events. Each training event takes a number of months to set up and roll out. This means a co-chair can have initial tentative discussions with interested parties,  engage in discussions with a local organising committee about logistics for a planned training event, invite external instructors and helpers, advise the local organising committee about appropriate local instructors and helpers and  coordinate the assessment of applicants. They will typically attend the training, to ensure that all is going well. They will also ensure that funders are acknowledged and any promised requirements from funders are met. For physical events there are two co-chairs that are closely involved with an individual school. Large online events (i.e. the ECR schools) will have multiple co-chairs associated with it, particularly with respect to attending the live sessions or being on the forum. The annual event in Trieste also acts as a key workshop for trying out new ideas and hence all co-chairs are closely involved in its running.
  • Raise the profile of the SoRDS: Co-chairs will be expected to attend meetings such as the RDA plenary sessions and IDW and to raise the profile of the schools. This will involve giving talks, contributing to or writing academic papers, contributing to the schools newsletter and raising its profile on social media.
  • Strategy: The schools have an ambitious vision of growth with a planned expansion to a number of staff working on a full time basis on this project. In collaboration with the Advisory Board (AB), the co-chairs will develop strategies to finance its own infrastructure and business model so that it can achieve this vision.

This is a volunteer based position, in which most of the co-chairs combine their academic or industry jobs with the work related to the schools. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Deadline to apply: Nov 30th, 2023