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Message from CODATA President, Geoffrey Boulton

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CODATA President, Geoffrey Boulton, has published his message to the CODATA community in which he lays out CODATA’s strategic vision and priorities over the next four years.

Geoffrey writes:

Friends and colleagues,

I am honoured to follow Professor Guo Huadong as President of CODATA. He led CODATA at an important time, when the awareness of the new possibilities and new challenges of the data explosion of recent decades was spreading, in what he quoted as a ‘second revolution of discovery’. He oversaw the development and early stages of implementation of a strategic plan to cover the period 2013-2018.

At times of rapid development and change, a strategy must be a living document that is able to adapt to novel discoveries and approaches and the evolving needs of the international science community. Consequently, the first few months of my term of office were taken up, together with CODATA’s Director and its Executive Committee, in developing and refining this strategy to take into account rapidly changing developments in data science, in policy and in practice, and in strengthening synergy with the International Council for Science (ICSU), CODATA’s parent body.

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