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May 2024: Publications in the Data Science Journal

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Title: Rethinking Data Management Planning: Introducing Research Output Management Planning (ROMPi) Approach
Author: Stefano Della Chiesa, Sujit Kumar Sikder
Title: The FAIR Assessment Conundrum: Reflections on Tools and Metrics
Author: Leonardo Candela, Dario Mangione, Gina Pavone
Title: Centering Relationality and CARE for Stewardship of Indigenous Research Data
Author: Miranda Belarde-Lewis, Sandra Littletree, Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine, Kaitlin Srader, Nestor Guerrero, Carole L. Palmer
Title: The Optimization of n-Gram Feature Extraction Based on Term Occurrence for Cyberbullying Classification
Author:Yudi Setiawan, Nur Ulfa Maulidevi, Kridanto Surendro
Title: Correction: The ‘PROTECT’ Essential Elements in Managing Crisis Data Policies
Author: Lili Zhang, Perihan Elif Ekmekci, Virginia Murray, Burcak Basbug Erkan, Francis P. Crawley, Xueting Li, Yandi Li
Title: Unrestricted Versus Regulated Open Data Governance: A Bibliometric Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleotide Sequence Databases
Author: Nathanael Sheehan, Federico Botta, Sabina Leonelli
Title: The Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) – a Strong Community Behind an Established Software for DMPs and Much More
: Ivonne Anders, Harry Enke, Daniela Adele Hausen, Christin Henzen, Gerald Jagusch, Giacomo Lanza, Olaf Michaelis, Karsten Peters-von Gehlen, Torsten Rathmann, Jürgen Rohrwild, Sabine Schönau, Kerstin Vanessa Wedlich-Zachodin, Jürgen Windeck
Title:Black Hole Clustering: Gravity-Based Approach with No Predetermined Parameters
Author: Belal K. ELFarra, Mamoun A. A. Salaha, Wesam M. Ashour
Title:Harmonizing GCW Cryosphere Vocabularies with ENVO and SWEET. Towards a General Model for Semantic Harmonization
Author:Ruth Duerr, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Gary Berg Cross, Kai Lewis Blumberg, Brandon Whitehead, Nancy Wiegand, Kate Rose
Title: Time Series Mining Approaches for Malaria Vector Prediction on Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy Data
Author: Lucas G. M. Castro, Henrique V. Costa, Vinicius M. A. Souza