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March 2024: Publications in the Data Science Journal

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Title: Insights on Sustainability of Earth Science Data Infrastructure Projects
Author: Arika Virapongse, James Gallagher, Basil Tikoff
Title:An Unsupervised Learning Approach to Evaluate Questionnaire Data—What One Can Learn from Violations of Measurement Invariance
Author:Max Hahn-Klimroth, Paul W. Dierkes, Matthias W. Kleespies
Title:The ‘PROTECT’ Essential Elements in Managing Crisis Data Policies
Author:Lili Zhang, Perihan Elif Ekmekci, Virginia Murray, Burcak Basbug Erkan, Francis P. Crawley, Xueting Li, Yandi Li
Title:Risky Business: Data-At-Risk in a Dynamic and Evolving Multidisciplinary Research Environment
Author:Louise H. Patterton, Theo J. D. Bothma, Martie J. van Deventer
Title:KBJNet: Kinematic Bi-Joint Temporal Convolutional Network Attention for Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Time Series Data
Author:Muhammad Abdan Mulia, Muhammad Bintang Bahy, Muhammad Zain Fawwaz Nuruddin Siswantoro, Nur Rahmat Dwi Riyanto, Nella Rosa Sudianjaya, Ary Mazharuddin Shiddiqi