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Last Chance to Register: Workshop on Comparing Approaches to Curriculum Development for Research Data Handling, 25 February, Amsterdam

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Learn about and contribute to current initiatives to establish curricula, skills and competences frameworks and practical training programmes for research data skills, data science, data handling, data management etc!

Come to a free workshop at the International Digital Curation Conference convened by EDISON and groups sponsored by CODATA and the Research Data Alliance: Thursday 25 February, Amsterdam!

Last chance to register! Workshop registration will close on Friday 12 February. Please register at Workshop registration will close on Friday 12 February. Please register here.

More information on the workshop is below and at

Contemporary research – particularly when addressing the most significant, trans-disciplinary research challenges – cannot effectively be done without a range of skills relating to data. Prominent among the challenges of the data revolution, therefore, is that of developing skills and competences required to optimise the use of the new data resources.

A number of initiatives are developing approaches to determine the content requirements for courses designed to address the need for a variety of data related skills in research. These initiatives include the EDISON Project, the CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer Schools Working Group and the RDA Interest Group on Education and Training on Handling of Research Data.

This workshop brings together these initiatives and other activities to discuss current approaches to determining optimal content for courses developing a range of data skills for different roles involved in contemporary data-intensive research. This includes the skills needed by researchers themselves and by support roles.

The workshop will compare and contrast the frameworks, checklists and methods being developed and will seek to identify means of aligning these as much as possible. To achieve this, the full day workshop will include sessions to share material and approaches and practical activities to advance the development of curriculum frameworks. The practical activities will include detailed group work on the substantive content of the frameworks with the objective of aligning and validating these to the greatest degree possible.