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International Series of Workshops to Implement Data Citation Principles

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In 2015-16 the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices is organising a series of workshops in participating countries.  The objective is to promote the implementation of data citation principles in the research policy and funding communities throughout the world.  Each workshop will bring together stakeholders including representatives of government, funders, research institutions, research data archives, learned societies, publishers, journal editors etc, to establish how principles may best be turned into practice in each national research system and culture.

Preparation is underway for the first five of these workshop:

  • China, Lan Zhou, after the Second National Scientific Data Conference, 25 August (including remote introductory presentation from Christine Borgman)
  • Australia, 28 October (including introductory presentation in person from Simon Hodson).
  • Japan, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, 29 October (includng keynote, in person, from Christine Borgman).
  • India, New Delhi, 5-6 November (including keynote, in person, from Jan Brase).
  • South Africa, Pretoria, December (TBC, including remote introductory presentation from Jan Brase).

These events will be followed in 2016 by workshops in Taiwan, Israel, Brazil, the European Union and the US.  Discussions are underway to add other countries to this series.

This activity harnesses many international partners and builds on a series of important collaborations of which the most recent are listed here: