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International FAIR Convergence Symposium convened by CODATA and GO FAIR: change of format and dates!

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Reflecting on good practices and challenges involved in putting on successful online events, the organisers have decided to change the format and the dates for the Symposium.

The International FAIR Convergence Symposium will now take place as a fully virtual event from 30 November to 4 December. Please save the dates!

In order to facilitate the new approach, and in response to a number of enquiries, we have also extended the deadline for submissions of session proposals to 30 September and of posters and lightning talks to 31 October. Read more

We have reflected on numerous online events and lessons learned and decided that trying to maintain a combined physical and virtual format posed too many technical challenges. To ensure an engaging and dynamic event, with clear outcomes, the organisers now envision the Symposium as a series of online sessions, dispersed over one week to accommodate a range of timezones as best as possible.

The symposium will feature plenary sessions, discussion sessions and collaborative workshop sessions.  Each day will include sessions at Asia-friendly times, Africa and Europe-friendly times and Americas-friendly times. Recognising the challenges of virtual events, the programme will ensure that there are substantial gaps between the sessions. We propose to schedule sessions in parallel as necessary in each of these slots and we will seek to accommodate excellent proposals in preferred slots to the greatest extent possible.

As the Symposium theme is Convergence and discussion on FAIR implementation, we wish to explore the interaction provided by a virtual format to the greatest extent possible. Proposers are encouraged to ensure that their session is dynamic, interactive and output-oriented.  Workshop-style sessions are strongly encouraged. The default duration of sessions will be 120 minutes to allow for such formats. Session organisers will be encouraged to post video presentations in advance of the session, whenever possible, to support and maximise the time for discussion and collaboration.

Register here:

Call for Sessions and Posters, Deadline 31 October

We hope that the new dates will work for those already registered for the event. If not, please kindly contact us at