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ESSDI – Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

ESSDI – Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field


The Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field, First Edition, 2013

First edition of The Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field was published electronically in Russian in 2012 and in English in 2013. It includes a unified set of physical, geographic, thematic, and historical materials for a detailed study of the geomagnetic field from 1500 to 2010. The Atlas is intended for a wide range of scientists, teachers, students and experts in applied areas relating to the geosciences, including geologists and geophysicists studying geomagnetism. The Atlas is a unique cartographic product that contains comprehensive and scientifically grounded characteristics of geomagnetic phenomenon, and contains the results of historical and modern studies of the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Workshop ‘The Atlas of the Earth’s MagnESSDI – Atlas detailsetic Field. Second Edition’Paris, 18 May 2015

This meeting was held to launch work on the second edition of The Atlas. The goal of this work is to extend significantly the Atlas content. In particular the following topics were discussed:

  • Expansion of the main geomagnetic field models for 2010‐2015;
  • More precise models of the magnetic crustal field; ·
  • Description and analysis of the data provided by the SWARM satellite mission, which represent the best survey ever of the geomagnetic field; ·
  • Old time series from WDS;
  • Historical maps from Canada, India, China etc. ·
  • Magnetic pole of the Sun; ·
  • New other models of the Earth (for example Chaos‐4); ·
  • Maps of magnetic indexes.

This workshop has extended the content of the second edition of the Atlas and contributed to further realization of this project. Presentation and content are available in Zenodo.
Agenda and Attendees
Proposed Content for hte Second Edition
Presentation: Anatoly Soloviev, The Atlas of the Earth’s Magnetic Field


  • Geophysical Center of RAS (GC RAS), Moscow, Russia Alexei Gvishiani, Anatoly Soloviev, Alena Rybkina
  • Commission for the geological map of the world (CGMW), Paris, France Philippe Rossi
  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), Paris, France Simon Hodson, John Broom
  • International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA), Paris, France Mioara Mandea


  • Alexei Gvishiani (GC RAS), Moscow, Russia
  • Philippe Rossi (CGMW), Paris, France
  • Manuel Pubellier (CGMW), Paris, France
  • Mioara Mandea (CNES), Paris, France
  • Anatoly Soloviev (GC RAS), Moscow, Russia
  • Vladimir Lapshin (IAG Roshydromet), Moscow, Russia
  • Renata Lukianova (GC RAS), Moscow, Russia
  • Alena Rybkina (GC RAS), Moscow, Russia
  • John Broome (CODATA), Ottawa, Canada
  • Simon Hodson (CODATA), Paris, France
  • Andrei Khohlov (IEPT RAS), Moscow, Russia
  • Aude Chambodut (IPGP), Paris, France
  • Vincent Lesur (IPGP), Paris, France
  • Jean Bonnin (EDNES), Paris, France

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