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DRUM TG – Past Achievements and Activities

Outputs of the Task Group (2019-2021)

Across the International Scientific Unions (ISUs) (and affiliated organizations) there is a variety of expertise in this area in addition to technical resources on units available online. This task group focused on:

  • Collection of current unit representation approaches in the ISUs (survey)
  • Identification and aggregation of current unit representation systems (list as of October 2021)
  • Aggregation of activities where different disciplines adopted/implemented new units of measurement representation systems (e.g., UDUnits -> Climatology, NERC Vocabulary Service -> Oceanography)
  • Collection issues/pain/friction points with the usage of units presentation systems (survey)
  • Collection of best practices for using unit representation systems (survey)

Outcomes of this Activity (Impact and Effect)

  • Formation a group of IU/IA Ambassadors as liaisons to the DRUM TG
  • Units of measurements survey of the TG Ambassadors (writeup available soon)
  • Setup of regular meetings with the expert group (EG) of the CIPM TG on the SI Digital Framework
  • Presentations at major conferences and workshops to highlight the need for units interoperability