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Call for Members

CODATA Data Ethics Task Group recruitment: promoting global open science with data ethics consensus

An invitation is hereby extended to join the CODATA Data Ethics Task Group (DETG) for the period 2024-2025.

The purpose of the DETG is to provide advice to CODATA, including the International Data Policy Committee, on current data ethics issues, in areas such as scientific integrity, protection of personal data, indigenous data sovereignty, computational uses of data, including AI and machine learning, and equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The specific objectives of the DETG include to:

  • bring together a diverse, international group of scholars from across disciplines with an interest in data ethics; 
  • raise awareness of issues across stakeholders including funders, researchers, publishers, research subjects and the public, through workshops and high-level briefings;
  • investigate current awareness and practices through a survey and case studies; and to
  • develop the first edition of a CODATA framework of data ethics principles which lays out principles for ethical data use in science.

The significance of the DETG’s work is predicated on trust in the integrity of science which is dependent on ethical creation, use and sharing of data. Subjects’ data rights such as for privacy and rights of representation must be respected throughout the research process. Data distribution must ensure equal access for researchers in every context, including low resourced contexts and recognising the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion among researchers. The increasing use of computational techniques including Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, by academic researchers demands consideration of the data ethics issues that this raises, especially around bias and privacy.

The anticipated impact of the DETG, considering the CODATA Strategic Plan on Cross-Domain data-driven innovation and the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, will be to contribute to CODATA’s priority on Data Policy through promoting principles, policies and practices for FAIR Data and trustworthy, equitable and transparent science. The DETG will develop a data ethics framework, co-produced with the CODATA community that will consider domain specific ethical issues (such as research purpose, data source object, computational methods in use and application scenario). The DETG will promote the successful implementation of the CODATA Strategic Plan 2023-2027 and lead in the development of standards in and application of global data Ethics.

More information about the DETG’s planned activities and outputs for the period 2024-2025 as well as an indication of past achievements can be accessed on:

The DETG is co-chaired by: 

  • Prof. Lianglin Hu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, China
  • Prof. Johannes John-Langba; University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 
  • Dr. Andrew Cox, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Louise Bezuidenhout; CWTS, Leiden University, Netherlands 

To express your interest in joining the DETG, please send an email to the DETG Secretary, Ms. Ritasha Sookdew, email:

In your expression of interest, please clearly state your interests and potential contribution to the DETG, in not more than 250 words, for consideration by 28 June 2024.