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Past Achievements

Outputs from previous cycles of the TG (under slightly different names) include:

  • CODATA–WDS TG on Citizen Science for the SDGs identified a shortlist of effective practices for data validation, curation, and use that will enable Citizen Science projects to make their data open and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable).
  • Publication of journal article to promote proper data stewardship practices by Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing initiatives: Bowser, A., Cooper, C., De Sherbinin, A., Wiggins, A., Brenton, P., Chuang, T. R., Faustman, E., Haklay, M., & Meloche, M. (2020). Still in need of norms: The state of the data in citizen science. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 5(1), [18].
  • Publication of journal article on current CS practices and their use for the SDGs: de Sherbinin A, Bowser A, Chuang T-R, Cooper C, Danielsen F, Edmunds R, Elias P, Faustman E, Hultquist C, Mondardini R, Popescu I, Shonowo A and Sivakumar K (2021) The Critical Importance of Citizen Science Data. Front. Clim. 3:650760. doi:
  • The group performed a survey of African Citizen Science groups with reference to data collection and governance focused on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), urban development and service provision especially in slum/informal settlements. This helped to identify Citizen Science datasets that are best suited to alignment with the SDG framework in Africa. This was presented at a panel session “Citizen Science Generated Data in Africa and Potential Contributions to the SDG’s” at CODATA International FAIR Convergence Symposium 2020.
  • A series of How To Guides for Citizen Science Groups on SDG Indicators were produced, covering SDG Indicators 3.1.1 Maternal Mortality; 11.6.1 Municipal solid waste; 15.5.1 Red List Index; 13.1.2 Adoption and implementation of national disaster risk reduction strategies.