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Early Career Data Professionals: Core Members

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Early Career Data Professionals: Core Members

Tomoko Doko

Senior Visiting Researcher at the laboratory of biodiversity studies, Keio Research Institute at SFC, and part-time lecturer at Keio University. PhD in Media and Governance, Keio University. Co-chair of UN Gaid eSDDC Young Scientist Forum with Raed. Specialized in remote sensing and GIS for biodiversity conservation.



Paul LaughtonPaul Laughton

Paul Laughton is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently Paul is the chair of the South African CODATA Committee. Research interesting include: data curation, data management, information management and knowledge management. Website: Paul Laughton



Shih-Chieh Ilya LiShih-Chieh Ilya Li

Special Asistant to President, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. Independent Internet researcher, affiliated with #Sociology PhD Program in National Tsing Hwa University Taiwan. Translator of the earliest bioinformatics textbook in 2002. International steering committee member of Culturemondo. Interested in cultural informatics, disaster prevention, and social innovation of interdisciplinary data, and participated past RDA conferences.


Marshall MaXiaogang (Marshall) Ma

Associate research scientist conducting studies in the joint field of computer science and Earth and environmental sciences. He has worked on data interoperability for more than 10 years at several levels: discoverability, accessibility, decodability, understandability and usability. Recently he was working on provenance representation of data and provenance capture in a scientific workflow. His research interests include: conceptual modeling, crowd-sourcing geoinformation, data visualization, and spatio-temporal analysis of Big and Little Data.

Angela MurilloAngela P. Murillo

Ph.D. Student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My background is in geosciences, specifically geochemistry and paleoclimatology. Currently working on a PhD in Information Science. Dissertation research is on scientific data sharing and reuse.  She works with the DataONE and ESIP (Earth Science Information Partners). I also have worked with the CODATA Data-At-Risk (DARTG) working group.


Yubao QiuYubao Qiu

Microwave remote sensing and global change, mainly on the snow/ice monitoring and land surface parameters retrieval, and now serve as secretary in Group on Earth Observation – GEO Secretariat, developing the GEO Cold Regions program.


Alena Rybkina

Geologist, studying paleoenvironmental changes and lithology in Moscow state university. Chief of the sector of innovation technologies in Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of sciences aimed on development of new visualization technologies and implementation of research studies in the real sector of economy. Actively involved in CODATA Task Group “Earth and Space Science Data Interoperability”.

Raed M. SharifRaed M. Sharif

Adjunct Professor, the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Independent Consultant: Open Data & Knowledge for Social Change, Innovation and Development. LinkedIn:


Virendra M. TiwariVirendra M. Tiwari

Principal Scientist and Project Leader, Gravity and Magnetic Studies Group at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India, engaged in the measurement and modeling of gravity and magnetic data for the investigation of Earth‘s structure and resources, present research interests include Lithospheric Configuration & Deformation of Converging Plate Margins and Water Mass Variability Estimation from new generation of Satellite Data. Member of Indian National Committee on CODATA.

ECDP Mentors (CODATA Liaison)

Dr. Sara Graves (CODATA Secretary General)

Simon Hodson (CODATA Executive Director)

ECDP Local Partners for SciDataCon 2014

Local Organising Committee and INSA: Dr. Alok Bhattacharya (INSA)