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CODATA Early Career Data Professionals Working Group

CODATA Early Career Data Professionals Working Group

The CODATA Early Career Data Professionals (ECDPs) Working Group exists to ensure a structural and sustained integration of the activity of early career scientists within CODATA.  It is self-evident that the perspective from all stages of career trajectory is essential for an organisation that seeks to promote data science and capacity for data management and reuse.  The ECDPs work within CODATA to improve the effectiveness of the organization and ensure continual benefit to scientific data communities around the world.

ECDP Mission

The mission of the CODATA ECDP Working Group is to build a global community of early career individuals working on scientific data in order to:

  • open up and connect scientific datasets and the communities that create, manage and use them;
  • promote skills development and career enhancement through training, mentorship and sharing expertise;
  • foster productive and supportive relationships;
  • grow the role of ECDPs within the wider CODATA community, developing future membership and leadership;
  • increase the profile and attraction of data science as a discipline and a career, and CODATA as a global body.

ECDP Objectives

The objectives of the CODATA ECDP Working Group are to:

  • propagate the added value of data sharing to early career professionals worldwide;
  • build connections between early career data professionals and international data sharing communities (e.g. CODATA, ICSU-WDS, RDA etc.);
  • enhance capacity building for early career data professionals in different global regions, particularly in countries with developing and emerging economies;
  • develop regional activities (including training courses) for early career data professionals and graduate students;
  • facilitate collaboration (including development of data sharing principals and policies, capacity building activities, development of curriculum frameworks/elements and training courses, etc.) between different countries for early career data professionals;
  • expand the connection with other early career or young scientist groups.

Membership and Structure of the CODATA ECDP Working Group

The ECDP group is fundamentally inclusive and democratic.  The following principles govern membership.

  • the group is concerned with many aspects of data science, analysis and use, data policy, data management and the education, training and career development of data professionals;
  • in consequence, membership includes a range of professionals working with data (including data experts, data managers as well as research scientists);
  • no ‘age limits’ apply;
  • membership includes Master’s and Ph.D. students, Post-Docs and data scientists and experts in the early stages of their professional careers (this is loosely and not strictly defined as within five years of completing studies and starting work as a data professional).

ECDP Core Members

Please see the sub-page for brief biographies of the current core members.

ECDP Contact List

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