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HMC FAIR Friday: WorldFAIR project with Dr. Simon Hodson & Dr. Arofan Gregory

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Speaker: Dr. Simon Hodson & Dr. Arofan Gregory

Title: The WorldFAIR project

The lecture will take place on 1 December 2023 at 13:00 CEST featuring Dr Simon Hodson (Executive Director of CODATA) and Dr Arofan Greogry (Chair of the DDI Cross-Domain Integration working group) who introduce us to the objectives of the WorldFAIR project led by CODATA and RDA. The WorldFAIR project is working with several case studies to promote the implementation of the FAIR principles and espacially to improve the interoperability and reusability of digital research objects. During the presentation, special attention will be paid to the interoperability framework that is being developed for each use case.

Official website of the WorldFAIR project here

Date: Friday, 1 December 2023, 13:00 CEST

Registration: Please register to the event here

To stimulate and support interdisciplinary exchange, the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) in close cooperation with the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) is organizing the HMC FAIR Friday lecture series. It is aimed at experienced actors in research data management as well as scientists from all research fields of the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

HMC FAIR Friday features talks by high-ranking national and international speakers to bring all participants (even) closer to the world of FAIR data, deepen individual aspects and stimulate discussions.

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