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GOSC: Introduction event

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Introduction and Launch of Case Studies and Working Groups

On 28 June 2021, 10:00-12:00 UTC, we invite you to a Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) event: ‘Introduction and Launch of Case Studies and Working Groups’.

The Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) initiative will encourage cooperation, alignment, and ultimately interoperability, between existing and emerging Open Science Clouds (OSCs). GOSC aims to do this through a combination of thematic Working Groups (building on existing experiences and addressing key areas of shared interest), and a set of detailed Case Studies that will demonstrate how international collaborative research communities and projects can be supported by Open Science Clouds.  At the introduction event, we invite volunteers as co-chairs and participants for the Working Groups and Case Studies.

The objective of this event is to introduce the GOSC initiative and to invite participation in the initial Case Studies and Working Groups.  We hope to come out of the meeting with agreements to participate (and expressions of interest) from both invited participants and from other experts.

All partners and stakeholders from the GOSC community, including but not limited to leaders and contributors to Open Science infrastructure initiatives, policy makers, domain scientists, data experts, and other users are welcome to join the event in June and the GOSC initiative!

Recording from the GOSC introduction event on 28 June 2021:



Sign-up for Working Groups and Case Studies or contact should you need more in formation about the launch event. 


Programme for the 28 June 


Meeting Co-Chairs: John Broome, Officer and Treasurer, CODATA; and Mark Leggott, Chair, CODATA International Data Policy Committee and RDA Council 


Time Activity
10:00-10:10 UTC Opening remarks (Prof. Barend Mons, President CODATA and Director GO FAIR; ZHUANG Yan, Division Director, Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS)
10:10-10:25 UTC Introduction to the GOSC Initiative (Prof. LI Jianhui, CNIC)
10:25-10:40 UTC GOSC Thematic Working Groups (Dr. Simon Hodson, CODATA)
10:40-11:10 UTC Discussion (Moderated by meeting co-chairs)
11:10-11:25 UTC Case Studies Intro and Discussion (Paul Uhlir, Consultant, and Lili ZHANG, CNIC and CODATA International Data Policy Committee)
11:25-11:55 UTC Discussion (Moderated by meeting co-chairs)
11:55-12:00 UTC Closing remarks and adjourn