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Final Plenary Session: Keynote from Antoine Flahault and Panel on Data in Crisis Reduction and Response

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Taking place at 11:00-13:00 UTC on Friday 4 December, this final double plenary session will explore the role of FAIR data in crisis reduction and response, with a specific focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please join the plenary from the session description in the Virtual Attendee Hub.  The link to access the plenary session will appear 5 minutes before it starts.

If you have not already done so, register for the FAIR Confergence Symposium at using the code FAIRCONVERGE1

The global sanitary crisis has demonstrated the importance of science-based policy, notwithstanding the complex interplay of science advice and policy in the context of multiple-criteria decision-making. The importance of accurate, real-time data sharing and rigorous scientific transparency have been underlined, and the realisation of these desiderata depends in turn on sound data stewardship and the FAIR principles.

The keynote from Prof. Antoine Flahault on ‘Precision Epidemic Forecasting using Critical Data’ will be followed by a panel discussing numerous aspects of the role of FAIR data in disaster risk reduction and response, covering epidemics and other hazards.

We are privileged to welcome Antoine Flahault as our keynote speaker.  He is Director of the Institute of Global Health at the Université de Genève and an eminent epidemiologist. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been a prominent scientific and epidemiological commentator, making the case for the specific, detailed and nuanced application of data and science in the response to the sanitary crisis.

The plenary session and panel will be chaired by Prof. Virginia Murray, Senior Public Health Adviser COVID-19 and Head of Global Disaster Risk Reduction at Public Health England.  Virginia is also a member of the CODATA Executive Committee and has been leading the International Science Council and UNDRR review of hazard definitions and classifications.

The panel that follows will discuss data in crisis reduction and response.

Each panellist has made a short pre-recording and we encourage you to view these in advance of the plenary: