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Elizabeth Griffin: “The Past is an Essential Component of the Future”

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In a recently published blog post on the “Common Future Under Climate Change” conference site, the Chair of the CODATA Data at Risk Task Group underlines the importance of old, analogue data for our understanding of climate change :
‘Rescuing historical scientific data’

‘Science depends on observations – not just their content but also on the way we collect them, record them, store them and share them. In the past 30 years, data have been ‘born digital’ and thus much more amenable to efficient at data management, but what about all the data that were collected before the onset of the digital age?’

Elizabeth Griffin will be presenting a poster this week emphasizing that Data rescue is therefore an important activity for science, and in a broader perspective for our common future.

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This is part of a blog series profiling climate scientists, economists, social scientists and civil society members who are presenting and discussing innovative climate science at Our Common Future. For more follow @ClimatParis2015 and #CFCC15 on Twitter.