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EDDI21 – 13th Annual European DDI User Conference: Call for Papers

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13th Annual European Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) User Conference (EDDI21), DDI – The Basis of Managing the Data Life Cycle (30.11 – 01.12.2021) is taking place virtually.

  • Submission Deadline: September 1, 2021, 23:59 CEST
  • Date: November 30 – December 1, 2021
  • Hosts: Sciences Po, Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP), CNRS, Paris
  • Conference web page

EDDI21 is organized jointly by the Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP), GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and IDSC of IZA  – International Data Service Center of the Institute for the Study of Labor.

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an international standard for describing the data produced by surveys and other observational methods in the social, behavioural, economic, and health sciences.

The meeting will bring together DDI users and professionals from all over Europe and the world. Anyone interested in developing, applying, or using DDI is invited to attend and present.

Call for Papers

We are seeking presentations, talks, papers, posters on all things DDI:

  • Case Studies
  • Mature implementations
  • Early Implementations
  • Interplay of DDI with other standards or technologies
  • Projects in early phases in which DDI is under consideration
  • Critiques of DDI

The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • User Needs, Efficient Infrastructures and Improved Quality
  • Official Statistics
  • Reusing and Sharing Metadata
  • Data Harmonization
  • Incentives to Document Data
  • Open Data and Linked Open Data
  • Privacy and Access Control
  •  Metadata versus Data and Related Ethics
  • Software / Tools


Proposals are welcome for the following presentation forms.

  • Complete Session
  • Full Paper
  • Regular Presentation
  • Short Presentation
  • Tutorial or Workshop

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please have a look at the Call for Papers and use the on-line submission system at of the conference (opens on June 23, 2021)

  • The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2021, 24:00 CEST.
  • Please consider indicating your availability as a reviewer as well.

General Information