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Disaster Risk Reduction and Open Data Newsletter: November 2023 Edition

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How Changes in the Arctic Shape Global Weather Patterns
Weather instabilities in the Arctic and changes in air temperature in distant regions such as California and Southwest China are linked, an international team of researchers reveals. Their study has been published in Nature Communications. The scientists also demonstrate that increased day-to-day irregularities in Arctic Sea ice cover are caused by the Arctic’s rapid sea ice decline.

Scientists find Two Ways that Hurricanes Rapidly Intensify
Forecasters have struggled for many years to understand why a seemingly commonplace tropical depression or tropical storm sometimes blows up into a major hurricane, packing catastrophic winds and driving a potentially deadly surge of water towards shore.

Mystery of Volcanic Tsunami Solved After 373 Years
26 October 2023/Kiel, Germany. The explosion of the underwater volcano Kolumbo in the Aegean Sea in 1650 triggered a destructive tsunami that was described by historical eye witnesses. A group of researchers led by Dr Jens Karstens from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel has now surveyed Kolumbo’s underwater crater with modern imaging technology and reconstructed the historical events.

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