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Disaster Risk Reduction and Open Data Newsletter: April 2021 Edition

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An early warning system could save global supply chain crisis
‘An industry’s supply chain is several miles long, but only an eighth of an inch deep’. Given the widespread strain a year ago regarding shortages, the global trading system has, in many ways, held up remarkably well during the pandemic. However, how resilient are our supply chains?”

Biden targets big offshore wind power expansion to fight climate change
The Biden administration on Monday unveiled a goal to expand the nation’s fledgling offshore wind energy industry in the coming decade by opening new areas to development, accelerating permits, and boosting public financing for projects.

‘Wilful ignorance’: Flood-hit Australia urged to rethink climate adaptation
As climate change impacts worsen, Australia’s population is exposed to more severe floods, droughts and bushfires, while action to protect people and their homes lags.

The science of tsunamis and what parts of New Zealand are most at risk
A tsunami warning was issued after an 8.1 earthquake struck near the Kermadec Islands in March – hours after a 7.4 quake near the Kermadecs and a 7.1 off the North Island coast of New Zealand.

UK Govt: Innovative projects to protect against flooding selected
Apps alerting residents to flooding, permeable road surfaces to improve drainage and schemes to protect vital sand dune beaches are among 25 new flooding and coastal resilience projects across England awarded funding today.

WMO: New water and climate coalition launched
A new Water and Climate Change coalition has been launched to achieve more effective integrated policy-making in an era when climate change, environmental degradation and population growth has exacerbated water-related hazards and scarcity.