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Data Integration for Climate Neutral and Smart Cities – an EOSC Future Science Project Webinar

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Learn how the EOSC Future ‘Climate Neutral and Smart Cities’ Science Project used DDI and other metadata standards to combine social survey, climate and environmental data!

Webinar, Tuesday 19 March, 14:00 UTC.  Agenda and registration:

The EOSC Future Science Project on “Climate Neutral and Smart Cities” has explored the practical aspects of cross-domain research, combining data on attitudes about climate change with environmental and climate data. The sources were the European Social Survey, Copernicus ERA5, and air quality data from the European Environment Agency. The focus has been on a number of urban areas across Europe, looking at issues of scientific collaboration as well as those around data integration and the metadata and systems needed to support it.

This webinar will present the project objectives and outcomes, as well as highlighting lessons learned and issues raised for further work within EOSC. The project deliverables (made available through the ESS Labs prototype service) will be presented, and so will the methods used in identifying and producing the integrated indicators. The system, which was developed for providing easy access to all data documentation and provenance/processing information, will be shown. Further, the implications of this project for how collaborative, multi-disciplinary science can be better supported within EOSC in the future will be discussed. The webinar will end with a panel discussion among the audience and experts involved in the project.

“Climate Neutral and Smart Cities” is a case study for understanding the practical aspects of cross-domain research, and should be of interest both to researchers and technical audience.