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CRDF and CODATA Podcast Series: Open Geo AI, new episode available!

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Join us for a captivating conversation in the episode 4 of podcast series “Open Geo AI: Unveiling Satellite Insights through Open Data.”

Episode 4 – Sustainable Development Goals: Satellite Data as a Catalyst for Change

Ever wondered how the fight for a healthy planet intersects with protecting our health? This podcast dives deep into the interconnected realms of SDGs 3 (Good Health & Well-being) and 13 (Climate Action), uncovering the surprising ways climate change impacts our health. From heat stress and extreme weather events to the spread of diseases and food insecurity, the effects are closer than you think. ️

But there’s hope! The podcast also explores how satellite technology, with its multispectral superpowers, can be a powerful tool in the fight for both. ️ Learn about calibration, image processing, and cutting-edge techniques that help us track and address these challenges. Join Wael Al-Delaimy and Antony Cooper on this dynamic journey, where health, climate, and satellite tech collide for a healthier tomorrow.

Ready to unravel the potential of satellite insights? Tune in now and be part of the conversation!

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