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CODATA Data Science Journal: Revised Focus and Scope

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The DSJ editorial board has revised the focus and scope of the journal. It is not a big change, but rather one of clarification in a changing world. We primarily want to specify our definition of ‘data science’ as the classic sense of the science of data practices that advance human understanding and knowledge — the evidence-based study of the socio-technical developments and transformations that affect science policy; the conduct and methods of research; and the data systems, standards, and infrastructure that are integral to research. 

We recognize the contemporary emphasis on data science, which is more concerned with data analytics, statistics, and inference. We embrace this new definition but seek papers that focus specifically on the data concerns of an application in analytics, machine learning, cybersecurity or what have you. We continue to seek papers addressing data stewardship, representation, re-use, policy, education etc.

Most importantly, we seek broad lessons on the science of data. Contributors should generalize the significance of their contribution and demonstrate how their work has wide significance or application beyond their core study. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Mark A. Parsons on behalf of the Editorial Board