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CODATA CASRAI RDM Terminology Working Group

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Today saw the first meeting of the 2021 CODATA CASRAI RDM Terminology Working Group.  The working group will be carrying out the 2021 review of the CASRAI Research Data Management terminology, currently available at

This terminology, developed by Research Data Canada and formerly stewarded by CASRAI, is a widely-used resource in the RDM community representing much careful work on terms and their definitions, relating to research data and its management.  CODATA was asked to take responsibility for its stewardship in 2020 and would like to ensure that this terminology is kept current, accessible, and useful in the day-to-day work of data stewards, librarians, archivists, data infrastructure professionals, researchers, and everyone else who cares about high-quality management of research data.

Based on input from colleagues from a range of domains and countries, we will review the existing terminology, standardise its presentation, and where necessary update definitions through a lightweight and pragmatic annual process that engages meaningfully across domains such as data repositories, libraries, archives, policy and advocacy organisations and research.

You can read more about the working group on its webpage here: