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CODATA Blog: GYA, CODATA-ECDP and Open Science

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CODATA Early Career Data Professional core member, Xaiogang (Marshall) Ma, recently attended the  5th International Conference for Young Scientists and its Annual General Meeting at Montebello, Quebec, Canada.

GYA issued a position statement on Open Science in 2012, which calls for scientific results and data to be made freely available for scientists around the world, and advocates ways forward that will transform scientific research into a truly global endeavour. Dr. Sabina Leonelli from the University of Exeter, UK is one of the lead authors of the position statement, and also a lead of the GYA Open Science Working Group. A major objective of my attendance to the GYA conference was to discuss the future opportunities on collaborations between CODATA-ECDP and GYA. Besides Sabina, I also met Dr. Abdullah Tariq, another lead of the GYA Open Science WG, and several other members of the GYA executive committee.

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