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CODATA at the GEO-XII Plenary in Mexico City

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This week sees the 12th Plenary Meeting of GEO, the Group on Earth Observations, in Mexico City.

GEO exists to promote the open sharing of Earth observation data in order to achieve ‘a future wherein decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information’.  CODATA is a Participating Organisation of GEO.  Contributing to GEO’s mission is an important way of achieving our own mission.

For this reason, CODATA is active within various groups and initiatives sponsored by GEO and at the GEO-XII Plenary meeting.

White Paper on the Value of Open Data Sharing

With the GEO Data Sharing Working Group, CODATA has organised a side event on the Benefits of Data Sharing. This workshop discuss and provide additional perspectives on the White Paper on the Value of Open Data Sharing that CODATA has produced at the request of the GEO Secretariat.

Data Sharing Principles in Developing Countries

The CODATA PASTD Task Group has also organised with the GEO Secretariat a side event on Data Sharing Principles, Requirements and Implementation in Lower and Middle Income Countries. The purpose of this event is to discuss challenges and solutions for implementation of the Data Sharing Principles in Developing Countries that were developed and agreed at a workshop in Nairobi in August 2014.

Implementation Guidelines for the GEO Data Management Principles

The Implementation Guidelines produced by the GEO Data Management Principles Task Force, to which a number of people in the CODATA community contributed, will also be presented to the Plenary.

CODATA Support for the GEO Mission and Ministerial Declaration

Finally, CODATA as a Participating Organisation will present a short statement to the Plenary in support of the central GEO Mission to promote full and open access to Earth observation data, as affirmed in the proposed Ministerial Declaration and reaffirming CODATA’s commitment to active participation in the GEO Data Sharing Working Group, the Data Management Principle

s Task Force and in related GEO initiatives.

Further Information:

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