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Call for Proposals, CODATA Tasks Group 2023 – 2027: Deadline 27 June 2023

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Call for Task Group Proposals for Presentation to the
33rd CODATA General Assembly
27-28 October 2023, Salzburg, Austria

CODATA invites proposals for Task Groups to be presented to and approved by the 33rd CODATA General Assembly which will be held on 27-28 October 2023 in Salzburg, Austria. The General Assembly follows the International Data Week 2023 comprising SciDataCon 2023 conference (organised by CODATA and WDS) and the RDA PlenaryThe deadline for submissions of Task Group Proposals is 27 June 2023. Proposals will be reviewed by the CODATA Executive Committee and by external experts. Recommendations will be presented to the CODATA General Assembly which will vote on and select the Task Groups.

Task Groups are approved by the General Assembly for two years. Existing CODATA Task Groups may apply for renewal and are subject to the same criteria, as described in the Call for Task Groups document.

Task Groups and the CODATA Strategic Plan, Mission and Strategy

Task Groups are an important means through which CODATA delivers on its mission and Strategic Programme. In this 2023 call, we strongly encourage Task Groups that contribute to one or more of the strategic priorities listed below and described further in the Call for Task Groups document. The CODATA ExComm as well as external reviewers of the proposal will be evaluating the relevance and merit of the proposed Task Group to the CODATA priorities.

Strategic Plan 2023-2027 Themes and Priority Activities

As the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (ISC), CODATA helps realise ISC’s vision of advancing science as a global public good. CODATA does this by promoting international collaboration to advance trustworthy, equitable and transparent science and to improve the availability and usability of data for all areas of research.

The Strategic Plan 2023-2027 (full document to be published in May 2023) describes four priorities through which CODATA takes forward this objective:

  1. Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges: a programme of activity to help deliver areas of the ISC Action Plan.
  2. Data Policy: promoting principles, policies and practices for FAIR Data and  trustworthy, equitable and transparent science.
  3. Data Science and Data Stewardship: advancing the frontiers of the science of data, particularly to enable interoperability and reusability
  4. Data Skills: building capacity for trustworthy, equitable and transparent science and data stewardship by improving data skills and education.

Proposals should state clearly and specifically how the Task Group will contribute to the realisation of one or more of these objectives and the priority activities.

Please refer to the Call for Task Groups document for a detailed description of the four themes and related priority activities.

Submission Procedure and Deadlines

Applications should be made by filling out the form available at CODATA website by 27 June 2023. This form is the principal information source used for evaluating the proposals.

Proposers are encouraged to download a template to pre-fill proposed membership of the Task Group for easy upload to the webform when submitting the proposal. We also attach the template as .xlsx for convenience.

For existing CODATA Task Groups that are applying for renewal, there is an additional section in the application form, in which the Task Group are required to report on its activities, outputs and outcomes to date.

Proposers are encouraged to liaise with the CODATA Secretariat and contact us at as early as possible in the process for guidance, advice and to ensure the application criteria outlined in the Call for Task Groups document are fully met.