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Call for Expert Input on a Framework for Digital Public Goods for the SDGs

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In preparation for the establishment of a Global Digital Compact in 2023, the United Nations is currently accepting opinions and other input in regards to global digital issues. In his report “Our Common Agenda”, the UN Secretary-General proposed the Global Digital Compact, which is to be finalized and agreed upon at the Summit of the Future in 2023 to improve global digital cooperation.

To contribute to this process of consultation, the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) is seeking expert advice on the idea of a global project working towards improving recognition, visibility and accessibility of Digital Public Goods to improve global evaluation and assessment of SDG indicators.

The scope of this consultation is to shape a broad conceptual framework based on the experiences of experts working in international initiatives, projects, and organizations to help identify relevant opportunities and challenges. The opinions of the experts during this round of consultation will subsequently be submitted to the UN for consideration under the UN Global Digital Compact with due recognition of all participating organizations and experts.

As the Committee on Data of the International Science Council, CODATA has been asked by CBAS to assist in disseminating the survey and in seeking input from experts.

Please consult the concept note and survey form.  Further information is also available at here.  Our colleagues at CBAS would greatly appreciate responses to be returned by 5 August 2022 to Dr. Zeeshan Shirazi at; and Mr. Siming Deng at

We are very grateful for your contribution to the survey.