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Why attend SciDataCon 2022?

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World Data System (WDS) and the Committee on Data (CODATA), both data organisations established by the International Science Council, are announcing a webinar entitled “Why attend SciDataCon 2022?”
SciDataCon is a part of International Data Week 2022 and will cover themes including “Data to Improve our World.” The webinar will be hosted by both WDS and CODATA, and its speakers will be Simon Hodson, the executive director of CODATA, and Meredith Goins, the executive director of WDS. Simon and Meredith will discuss previous SciDataCons, the themes and session strands for this year’s conference, as well as the IDW 2022 programme and registration. Additionally, practical updates on the in-person participation, such as the travel and safety, accommodation, as well as attractions in Seoul will be discussed.
The webinar will be held on two separate days to allow for participation across time zones:
Please use the above links to register.
For more information on SciDataCon 2022, visit the conference website.