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CODATA Travel Policy

Dec 2019


CODATA recognizes that many CODATA participants are volunteers and our Travel Policy is designed to be as fair and flexible as possible to travellers while protecting CODATA and ensuring fiscal responsibility to its funding members.  If the guidelines and amounts indicated in the Policy do not seem fair in a particular instance, please communicate your concern to the CODATA Executive Director and every attempt will be made to resolve the issue.

CODATA is a non-profit organization and participants are encouraged to find other sources of support for their travel expenses.  This will help to maximize CODATA’s influence and activities.

Visa and Passports

It is the traveller’s responsibility to obtain a passport and ensure it is current.  Where required, it is the traveller’s responsibility to apply for and obtain a visa of the appropriate type for country visited, in good time before travel commences.  CODATA will reimburse travelers for applicable visa costs when it is necessary to accomplish CODATA business.


CODATA will reimburse the traveller for the following classes of service:

Rail:  Standard-class rail travel is preferred.  Business-class, high-speed, and express business-class rail may be used where speed and flexibility are required.   For overnight rail travel, sleepers may be used.

Air:  Most economical available Economy class fares with reasonable itineraries should be chosen.   Where travellers opt to travel using higher cost fares, CODATA will reimburse the traveller an amount equal to the most economical economy class fare available at the time of purchase.   It is the traveller’s responsibility to document the claimed Economy fare available at the time of purchase.

Ground:  CODATA encourages the use of public transit.  If no suitable public transit is available, taxis may be used when a dated and legible receipt is provided.

If no convenient and less expensive public or private transport is available, CODATA will reimburse the traveller for the least expensive of the following 2 options: 1) 0.50 Euro per kilometer for use of their private vehicle or, 2) the costs of rental, fuel, and insurance, for a rental vehicle.  It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that appropriate vehicle insurance coverage is in place for private vehicles.


Under normal circumstances, CODATA will cover the cost of 3-star-equivalent hotel accommodation. If security, proximity to CODATA event locations or other issues require higher-grade accommodation, we expect travellers to use their judgment to make a reasonable and economical choice and to submit a brief justification to the secretariat.

CODATA will attempt to secure groups of rooms at discounted rates when multiple CODATA participants are attending an event.   Participants are encouraged to stay in these discounted rooms.  Reimbursement will be for actual money paid for accommodations.

Private accommodation: if the traveller chooses to stay in private accommodation daily reimbursement of 50 Euro will be provided.

Meals and Incidentals

CODATA will reimburse the traveller the following Euro amounts each day when meals are not provided by hotels, airlines, conferences, CODATA, or other means. Receipts are not required if using this option.

Breakfast: 15 Euros

Lunch: 23 Euros

Dinner: 37 Euros

Incidental expenses: 15 Euros

If meal expenses exceed the above amounts due to planned and CODATA-approved hospitality, or a lack of availability of affordable meal options, the traveler may be reimbursed for actual meal amounts.  In any case where an amount exceeding the default allowances is requested, a valid receipt is required.

Travel / Medical Insurance

The traveller is responsible for ensuring that they are fully covered by appropriate insurance for travel and medical emergencies while travelling on CODATA business.

Travel Advances

Persons traveling for CODATA may request reimbursement for travel-related expenses incurred in advance of the actual travel.  (A typical expense would be the cost of an airline ticket.)  Requests for reimbursement advances should be submitted to the CODATA secretariat and must be accompanied by an acceptable proof of expected cost for the expense for which the advance is requested.  Receipts must be submitted once travel is paid for.

Claiming Travel Expenses

The traveller is responsible for completing the CODATA travel expense form, providing proof of expenditures as required, and submitting the completed paperwork to the CODATA secretariat no later than 1 month after travel is completed unless an exception is granted by a CODATA Officer.  Please submit only one travel claim form per trip.  When submitting paperwork by post please also send a scanned digital copy by email to the address below.  In the case where a travel advance was received, the amount of any expenses reimbursed through an advance should also be included on the travel claim.

Acceptable proof of expenditure includes original receipts, paper copies or digital images.

Download the CODATA travel expense form.


Travel expenses will be reimbursed as soon as possible.   Mechanisms for reimbursement include mailed cheques (US, Canadian or Euro funds) and bank-to-bank transfers. For either, the proper routing should be noted on the claim form.

Contact Information

Mail: CODATA, 5 Rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75016 Paris, France

Telephone:     +33 (0) 1 45 25 03 29
Email:             CODATA Executive Director (Simon Hodson): simon(at)