May 2019: Publications in the Data Science Journal

May 2019:  Publications in the Data Science Journal

Title: Interdisciplinary Comparison of Scientific Impact of Publications Using the Citation-Ratio
Author: Arthur R. Bos, Sandrine Nitza
Title: Diversity of Woody Species in Djamde Wildlife Reserve, Northern Togo, West Africa
Author:Tchagou Awitazi, Raoufou Radji, Kotchikpa Okoumassou
Title: A Generic Research Data Infrastructure for Long Tail Research Data Management
Author: Atif Latif, Fidan Limani, Klaus Tochtermann
Title: Time Series Prediction Model of Grey Wolf Optimized Echo State Network
Author: Huiqing Wang, Yingying Bai, Chun Li, Zhirong Guo, Jianhui Zhang
Title: Fostering Data Sharing in Multidisciplinary Research Communities: A Case Study in the Geospatial Domain
Author: Martina Zilioli, Simone Lanucara, Alessandro Oggioni, Cristiano Fugazza, Paola Carrara