Scoping Machine-Actionable DMPs (maDMPs)

Scoping Machine-Actionable DMPs

This blog post was written by Ina Smith, Project Manager: African Open Science Platform, Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), DOAJ Ambassador, Southern Africa Region, LIASA Librarian of the Year 2016

maDMPs are a vehicle for reporting on the intentions and outcomes of a research project that enable information exchange across relevant parties and systems. They contain an inventory of key information about a project and its outputs (not just data), with a change history that stakeholders can query for updated information about the project over its lifetime. The basic framework requires common data models for exchanging information, currently under development in the RDA DMP Common Standards WG, as well as a shared ecosystem of services that send notifications and act on behalf of humans. Other components of the vision include machine-actionable policies, persistent identifiers (PIDs) (e.g., ORCID iDsfunder IDs, forthcoming Org IDsRRIDs for biomedical resources, protocols.ioIGSNs for geosamples, etc), and the removal of barriers for information sharing.

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