Anil Kumar: Statement in Favour of Candidacy for CODATA Executive Committee

This is the twelth in the series of short statements from candidates in the forthcoming CODATA Elections. Anil Kumar is a new candidate seeking election onto the CODATA Executive Committee, although he has been strongly involved as the Convenor of the National Organising Committee of SciDataCon 2014.  He is primarily nominated by the Indian CODATA National Committee.

Dr Anil-Kumar_PuneLet me introduce myself. I am a physical chemist by qualification and the Chairman of Physical and Materials Chemistry Division of CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory situated at Pune, the central western side of India. I am also a member of the Indian National CODATA Committee constituted by Indian National Science Academy (INSA) New Delhi.

My major activities are related to physico-chemical properties of materials, liquids, melts and liquid crystals. I have devoted several years of my career in developing methodologies to correlate, predict these and thermodynamic properties by developing empirical methods. I strongly believe that the accuracy and dependability of the data are crucial to CODATA activities. Way back in 1998, I delivered an invited talk on the trustworthiness of thermodynamic data of materials in International CODATA conference held at New Delhi, India. I would like to devote my time and efforts to improve and develop newer methods to judge the quality of data in the area of chemistry of materials.

If I am elected to Executive Committee, I will intensify my efforts in developing methodologies and awareness among those collecting data to provide reliable data bank on materials.