LI Jianhui: Statement in Support of Candidacy for CODATA Executive Committee

Li Jianhui-PhotoThis is the fifth in the series of short statements from candidates in the forthcoming CODATA Elections. LI Jianhui is a new candidate seeking election to the CODATA Executive Committee, although he has been strongly involved CODATA as the Secretary-General of CODATA China.  He is nominated by CODATA China.

As Professor and Assistant Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), and Secretary-General of the Chinese National Committee for CODATA (CODATA-CHINA),I have been making efforts to promote CODATA International and CODATA-CHINA’s activities. My research is focused on scientific data infrastructure, scientific data citation and publication, data intensive computing and data science. I have been leading scientific data sharing in CAS for almost 10 years, and I am now pushing forward research data sharing and data publication in China. Since 1999, I have worked on technology research and platform development for scientific data management, sharing and analysis, and led the scientific data infrastructure development and sharing of CAS. I led my team to design and build up the CAS Scientific Data Cloud ( for data sharing, big data analysis and large scale data-Intensive scientific research, and published more than 50 papers as well as applying for eight patents and one national standard.

I am now leading a group to design and develop a research data repository and data journal for scientific data publication in China. I am also the Co-PI of the National Data Sharing Network for Basic Research, which coordinated scientific research data sharing among universities, institutions and other research organizations. In addition, I am an active member of three CODATA Task Groups to which I have made signficant contributions.

As the Secretary-General of CODATA-CHINA, I organized a series of activities to help promote and improve scientific and technical data management and use, and increasing the impact of CODATA in China through attracting Chinese scientists to participate in CODATA activities, including the International CODATA Conference, Task Groups, Training Workshops, etc. In the beginning of this year, supported by CODATA-CHINA, I initiated and convened the Scientific Data Conference with the theme of “Scientific Big Data and Data Science” in China. This was the first national academic conference on scientific data sponsored by CODATA-CHINA. I also initiated the International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Scientific Data co-sponsored by CAS, CODATA and CODATA-CHINA. The first training workshop in this series was successfully held in 2012 in Beijing. There were fourteen participants from nine developing countries, including Vietnam, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The Second International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Big Data for Science was held in June, 2014 in Beijing. There were twenty-one researchers, data managers, and data scientists from ten developing countries including Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenyan, Tanzania, Columbia, Brazil and Uganda attended the training workshop. Additionally, Paul Uhlir and I have coordinated a series of China-U.S. roundtable meetings on scientific data cooperation from 2006 till now, jointly host by CODATA-CHINA and U.S. National Committee for CODATA, serving as a catalyst and coordinating body for bilateral cooperation on scientific data practices and policies at the academic and national level in each country.

In the future, I will try my best to link international CODATA and CODATA-CHINA, increasing CODATA visibility in China and make it the natural home and focus for Chinese data scientists. I will help to enhance capacity building activities in developing countries, for example, the CODATA-CAS joint training workshop, especially for young data scientists. I will also push forward scientific data citation and publication practices in developing counties. I believe that through these activities I can help CODATA carry out its missions, objectives and key initiatives of Strategic Plan 2013-2018.

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